Solo(ish) Trip to Aklan

Last week, I had a trip in Aklan, a first without any family member coming with me 🙂

And it was a good trip for me. 🙂

I left home Wednesday evening for my 7pm flight via AirAsia Zest, which was delayed for around 30 minutes. I saw Tracy, a highschool classmate, there in the terminal and it was nice seeing her there. We didn’t get to chat a lot though because she was working for AirAsia.

I arrived in Kalibo airport by 10pm and was fetched by my kind Uncle Obet and Auntie Emma. It was the first time for me to see them, and to actually talk to them and to be with their company so I was a bit nervous at first. But it all turned out fine because they both were really nice and they had warm smiles for me. I arrived home really tired and sleepy since I still went to work in the morning until the afternoon so the then-prepared bed was a relief.

The morning greeted me with the sound of a mild and pleasant rain shower outside. It was 7am and I could say a morning never felt that wonderful. The cool air made me smile gleefully, the petrichor made my chest tingle with utter gladness, and the coffee I was drinking that morning never felt that good.

The morning view upon opening the door.

That morning, I, my Auntie Vy, and my cousin Cady went out together to visit the grave of my late grandmother Lola Beata. I was one day early for her death anniversary. I lit a candle for my Lola and the three of us offered a prayer for her soul.

2013-12-05 08.38.53-2
Saying hi to my dear Lola.

Afterwards, the three of us went for a walk (more like a trek actually) towards the hilly parts of the town. It wasn’t a simple leisure trip (although walking long distance within the town is somewhat a leisurely activity for me). I was, however, asked to do it so I could take pictures of what happened to the rice paddy fields where Auntie Vy farms. Also, to show my father and my uncles here in Manila what happened to their land after the super typhoon Yolanda.

rice paddies
The aftermath of Yolanda in my parents’ hometown. It’s a sad scene but definitely not sadder than what happened in Tacloban. 😦

It was sad to see those trees, which used to shade grassy fields, broken and fallen to the ground. We practically skipped to and fro muddy edges to get to our destination. What used to be a clear trail up in the forest-y hills now looked like a poorly orchestrated obstacle course. Trees have fallen down and it will take great effort to clean up the area. I’ve seen folks who have started to clean up their lands.

We went back home a few hours before lunch time and so I decided to meet with another aunt, a teacher in the nearby school, and also to play and bond with my little cousins.

Ang mga batang yagit kasama ang ate nilang pinaka-yagit haha! 😀
I had so much fun playing with these kids. The laughter and smiles they gave me upon receiving very simple things have warmed my heart. The time I spent with them is a precious time indeed.

After a few more minutes, I went on my way, alone. I kissed my cousins goodbye, be blessed by my aunts and uncles, and then took the first jeepney to Kalibo.

From Kalibo, I took a bus going to Caticlan, where I rode a bangka going to none other than the island of Boracay.

2013-12-05 15.56.56-2

It’s such a drag how the fees going to Boracay are so expensive. The boat fee may be cheap (P25) but then I still had to pay P100 for the terminal fee and then P75 for the environmental fee. But that’s fine, anyway, Boracay is worth all these.

I arrived in Boracay late afternoon. I went straight to Station 2, to my Tita Menia’s house. Unfortunately, Tita wasn’t there at that time so I only had Ate Wela to accompany me for the remaining of the day and throughout the night. I actually planned to go out that night to buy some stuff and then maybe watch the sea and hear the waves under the night sky alone (haha yes I’m that kind of person sometimes), but the tiredness and a bit of laziness won over my desire for such wonderful “me” time and I ended up watching teleserye with Ate Wela instead, which was fun by the way. I retired for bed late in the evening and read a few pages of the book I brought to accompany me during boring moments.

2013-12-05 22.58.53
A Spot of Bother by Mark Haddon, my literary company for this trip 🙂
I never finished it though, apparently there wasn’t much of boring times when I was in this trip.

The next morning was amazing. It was raining early in the morning but it only lasted for a few minutes. I was already outside when it was 7 in the morning and the atmosphere was wonderful. The air was cool, the wind was refreshing. The clouds did a great job in making the weather a perfect one.

And then again, my morning never felt that amazing when I strolled down the vast, white shore of the beach. The sound of the beautiful rushing blue waves of the sea felt like a hug from a dear old friend. And the smell of sea water is pleasant. The fact that only a few people were there in the beach made the morning stroll quite more personal.

The beach of Boracay is truly sublime. I could say nothing more.


After about an hour of strolling along the beach shore, I went straight to the Jetty Port to meet my arriving friends. (Yay! I’m not actually alone in this trip haha).

And together, we all had fun in this island of paradise.

During the day, we went swimming, island hopping, and did a LOT of walking. Walking is one of the things I love doing but the walking that we did in Boracay was just too much!!! haha! Anyway, that wouldn’t be enough to spoil a Boracay vacation.

Plus, these people I’m with know how to have fun in every tiny moment. It’s nice that we’re still able to have this kind of vacations even after all these years.

2013-12-07 11.04.04-2
Us, minus Prax (who’s taking the picture)

Our trip in the Crystal Cove was a bit of a nuisance because it was raining heavily. But we had fun in our own ways. Indeed, laughter shared with friends are always priceless no matter how tired your feet may become, how heavy the rainfall is, or how cold the wind may feel. We were all wet but there were never regrets, especially when you’re laughing over half the time.


We even went partying at night! It was the first time that I went inside a bar. I had a great time though.

I’ve always thought that going to bars to drink and dance was kind of a pretentious activity but when I did all these with my friends, it was actually fun. Maybe it depends to the people you are with… and to the alcohol perhaps as well. ;P

Still, I wouldn’t list clubbing or bar-hopping as one of my favorite things to do. I always prefer silent activities.

I left the island late afternoon of Sunday, leaving my friends for the night. My flight back to Manila was scheduled early in the morning the next day that’s why I had to leave early. There was no electricity in our room when I left and I felt bad for them 😦

Anyway, when I arrived back in Kalibo, brownout din! Pati sa Banga. In the end, my friends were not alone to suffer the lack of electricity, hehe. Apparently, the use of electricity was being distributed throughout the island of Boracay as well as throughout the towns of Aklan. I was told the electricity is hopefully to be back to normalcy in the coming week.

I arrived back home in Manila with a smile.


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