Make Use of Your Talent


Today, I attended a confirmation ceremony in St. Andrew’s cathedral (look at me, I’m a godmother! of a teenager!) and I was inspired by Bishop Jesse Mercado’s homily.

He reminded us that God has given us gifts and we should put it into good use because in the end, God has a question for us to answer:

“What did you do to the gifts given to you?”

His words were inspiring. Although they were meant for the junior students of St. Andrews, his words also stuck to my heart and mind and they made me think that I too, should do something more about the talents God has given me.

And I intend to. Only this time, it will be all for Him.

I hope in the future, I could look back at this post with a satisfied and contented smile. I’m starting to feel somewhat excited for the days to come, for all the things I could do and be productive at.

This day had been very inspiring to me, indeed.

Also, I was able to take a good look at all the young adult students who were confirmants of the ceremony and I found myself feeling all mature with the perspective my mind wandered to at that time. Those students, they have all these potentials, they can do so much and I feel very glad for them. I wasn’t feeling jealous of their youth or all of the years ahead of them (because I’m still young anyway). Instead, I feel this new kind of gladness and hope from them.

This morning, during the ceremony, I saw these young adults as buds of beautiful roses and I imagine them all to someday grow beautifully. Their potentials, it’s just amazing.

This thought is new to me and with this realization I felt as if I’m growing old (and I meant that in a good way) 🙂


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