I can’t wait to have my own apartment :D

Yay seriously, I can’t wait to have my own personal space 😀

But nah, I’m not having my own apartment. Nor am I moving.

This is really lame but I just suddenly have this excitement because I just finished a writing job earlier and suddenly I was inspired by the topic I was writing about.

It was about home improvements and my research led me to look at these photos of DIY furniture and learn something about how to do these stuff:





click images for info.


and of course there are more!

<insert sigh>

It’s just a little sad that although I could get the materials needed for any of this, I couldn’t do it at home because I don’t have enough space! It’s kind of frustrating actually. 😦

And now that I’m to clear things up in my room, (I’m about to put old clothes in bags and boxes to give to my relatives heavily affected by the typhoon Yolanda in our province in Aklan), I don’t think I will still have enough room for these shelves 😦 Moreover, with the current situation in my room I also don’t think any of those would go well with my other items, aesthetically speaking.

Anyway, like I said, I couldn’t wait to have my own space where I can freely paint, decorate, and fill with my own, self-made pieces of furniture. 😀

haha I think I just sounded like a teenager I’m such a loser XD



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