The Origins by Jose Joya: Just a nice, random thought.


This one painting caught my attention when I was wandering inside the National Museum. The title of this painting is The Origins and this is made by the National Artist for Visual Arts Jose Joya.

I wonder though why he called it The Origins.

After staring at this three part canvas for less than a minute, its image had placed itself well into my mind which I lingered on for quite a longer while.

I couldn’t help but see in that painting the image of a star bursting.

Well, you know, stars are our origins after all. And whenever I see this fact around me, I just couldn’t help but smile. It’s an interesting thing for me when people go beyond cultural or religious beliefs and put science into their magnificent art.

I know this is an abstract painting and its meaning goes far beyond the way it looks like. However, interpretation of artworks lies at those who see anyway.

I liked this masterpiece by Jose Joya, I don’t know but it inspired me in a certain way I couldn’t comprehend, much less express in words.

His other paintings are incredible as well.


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