On Being Shortlisted

I know it’s not much of an accomplishment. But I say that it IS an accomplishment. Remember when Kiarah <insert bright light bulb over her head>, Camille, Regie and I met up to do a project proposal months ago? Well, we submitted it and just a few hours ago it was announced that our action project Sign for Health got shortlisted!!! Among 1,500++ action projects that UNESCO received from different countries all over the world, ours was chosen to be one of the 45 action projects chosen initially!!!

Just how cool is that?

Well… maybe not so cool for some. But still, I think it’s a nice achievement. And thinking that I’m a part in it makes me feel proud. I congratulate all the others in our team who spent so much of their time for this. We pulled it off because of them ugh I’m so proud!

UNESCO’s next step is to choose 15 among those 45 action projects. Kiarah, with the help of her team from Cebu made a video for the next screening process of UNESCO.

We are all still hopeful for this and we all wish that the action project will make it to the chosen 15. If it does, then this project would have the chance to be funded by different organizations from all over the world and then so we could effectively implement it here in our country.

We aim towards a fully-abled nation and we really hope to help achieve it through this action project which I am not going to describe here. 😀 hehe

Still, It should be nice to start something that could change a big thing in this complicated world of ours.



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