A Sorrowful Day

Today, a huge news woke everybody up here in our country, Philippines. A 7.2 magnitude earthquake put Central Visayas in a shocking, heartbreaking, damaged state around 8 am. They say the intensity of the earthquake is the same as that of 32 atomic bomb exploded. So many are destroyed, historical infrastructure, our cultural heritage, a natural park, and lives of our fellow Filipinos.

Today I did my morning routine in a usual manner to be honest. I heard about an earthquake in Cebu and Bohol but I wasn’t aware of its severity. I was thinking it was just some minor earthquake and that a historical church was damaged. Until later today I found the photos of the aftermath of the earthquake and my heart broke at the site of the damaged infrastructure which are one of the many reasons behind our Filipino pride.

(source of images)

The century-old churches, not just one, were destroyed, heavily, irreparably I dare say. And seeing these churches destroyed like that was beyond saddening.

it was sorrowful.

They had stood the test of time for centuries. They are places of worship. These churches are symbols of our faith, our Catholic faith. And looking at what happened made me weep.

Not only that. The famous and beautiful Chocolate hills were destroyed as well.

bohol choc hills

And furthermore, and the most important of all, are the lives of our kind fellowmen. The number of death is 93, and counting.

This time when an earthquake struck Visayas, an ongoing war in Mindanao persists, and incessant heavy rainfalls cause flooding in Luzon may just be one of the hardest times that our country is facing here in the modern world.

Everything is just so tragic and heartbreaking.

The Filipino spirit is wounded. But then, it’s also resilient, and strong, we all know that. Still, everything is hurtful, it’s aching and painful. It’s hard to see our heritage go into ruins after all the centuries.

Thank God today was a national holiday because if not, so many more would have died and so much would have been damaged.

We need every prayer we can get. Pray for the Philippines please.


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