Of Growling and Heartbreak

Basketball is a cool sports but I’m not really a huge fan of it. However, when it comes to cheering for your Alma mater, it suddenly becomes a very huge thing.

Yesterday I cheered with all my heart.

And I was left heartbroken.

After the game, when the buzzer rang at the sound of the finality of everything in that arena, I was stunned and shocked and I was left with no energy. It was an utter heartbreak. The feeling of defeat was so bitter in the mouth and I felt my heart squeeze in annoying ache.

That was glory right at the tip of the tigers’ claws and yet in the end, the tigers still weren’t able to grab it.

I was anticipating a repeat of what happened back in 2006 when I cheered for Jervy Cruz, Dylan Ababou, and Mark Canlas, my favorite tigers, when I was a freshman in UST.  I could remember how proud the Thomasian community felt after that championship. And it would have been really awesome to have that feeling around you once again, with your school being champs and all that.

However, it’s not what happened. Although my Thomasian heart is bleeding painfully, I am proud that the Tigers gave their all and their game was great. UST Growling Tigers did their best and they know it. Congratulations to DLSU’s Green Archers.

The Teng brothers were both adorable and both of their performances were deserving of all praises. I feel bad for King Tiger Jeric Teng but I think greater things are ahead of him. With defeat, one cannot help but just become stronger. And the same goes for the rest of the UST Growling Tigers team, especially coach Pido. 🙂 #PUSO

Again with Jeric Teng, I just became his fan.

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