A Heavenly Discovery

I love food. Although I enjoy going to different cafes/restaurants/food chains to eat a variety of food, I would never remember the names of all those that I tried and enjoyed eating. I would very much love it if I do but my memory could only take so little space for the names of new cakes, pastries, meals, etc. that I ingest.

However, today, a tiny space of my brain had opened its door to welcome a permanent resident. And yes I am very sure that this name would be forever stuck in my brain:

“L’opera French Cake”

L’opera cake is this one:

l'opera french cakesmaller

I never knew such thing existed until today when a friend brought a piece to share at work.

And goodness gracious, it is a piece of heaven!!! T.T

My friend’s brother, a chef in the making, made this L’opera cake and my friend told me this cake has coffee cream and belgian chocolate included in the ingredients. The top, bottom and middle part is a flat, semi-hard chocolate stuff and in between is a soft and thick sponge-like yumminess.

It wasn’t very sweet and it never tasted sugary and that made me love this cake even more.

I think I could eat this all day.


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