Run United Philippine Marathon Leg 3 2013

I woke up at 3 AM getting super lazy to go to the Run United Philippine Marathon. It was so difficult waking up and getting your spirit ready for the activity.

But of course I had to and by 5 AM, I and my friend/running buddy Marla were already prepping for the start of the Run United Leg 3 in MOA 🙂


It was my first time in running a 10k marathon and finishing it was so amazing. I finished my 10k for an hour and 22 minutes, which is longer than I would want to. Maybe if I hadn’t stopped running for a month before this, I would be able to finish 10k in about an hour. LOL. Yabang lang. ‘Maybe‘ lang naman eh, haha. It’s all because of all the raining kaya hindi ako nakatakbo for over a month as training 😦

Well, anyway, I really had a great time. Of course it’s primarily because of the glorious feeling that I was finally able to run a 10k route this time.


But that’s not all.

It was an awesome day for me because of these awesome things:


Taking a photo with Rio immediately after reaching the finish line!!! 😀


And yes I also got to have these photos with Alvin Patrimonio and Benjie Paras! Yay!!!




runrio kitj

It was a fun experience! I’m not sure I’m ready for a 21k run yet though 😀

Maybe, someday haha, perhaps next year?

***all images are courtesy of marla


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