To a Sister I Never Had

If she’s a color, she’d be between pink and yellow.
If the world is a big garden, she’d be the dandelion and sunflower.
If she’s a smoothie, she would be chocolate and strawberry.
And if she’s hungry, who cares about getting fat-ty?

LOL. But no, she doesn’t really get fat. Ugh!

Anyway, Happy Birthday to a friend-slash-sister-slash-cafe tripper-slash-running buddy, Marla. 🙂

for m

When poets and artists refer to beauty, they usually talk of the night sky and its scattered uncountable stars, with a huge, bright, glowing moon.
Marla is a beauty, but never the night sky, never the moon.
She’s more like the sun, bright and fun.
And she glows too, sprinkling everyone with her laughter and genuine kindness, which sometimes can be a bit too much, but that’s fine anyway.
Her flaws are well taken care of by her good sense of humor. She turns the word ‘bullying’ into something positive. She’s quite a bit of a status quo ruin-er actually, how she’s a bully but also, a sweet, shy, and sensitive little kid at the same time. And an irony too, since ‘little’ doesn’t really fit her. LOL.

Happy Birthday to Marla, a sister I never had and a friend I am fortunate to have. The almost two years of our friendship was fruitful and game-changing, and working with her completely melted the socially awkward version of myself. She deserves all the love in the world.


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