War and Peace

No, this isn’t about Tolstoy’s. This is about my country and my woes on the problem of war and violence it currently faces.

Recently, areas in the city of Zamboanga has been bombed. People were injured, people have died. And people were kept as hostages, and their lives is nowhere near safe. And the bombing, I’m sure, is still ongoing up to this hour.

I know I don’t understand all the details lying around the entire situation and I have no means, more than what the media provides, to patch them up so they can make sense to me.

However, I do understand that human life is an important thing. And every living soul must know the value of life, since they have their own to protect and nurture.

It’s just saddening that a huge group of people, our countrymen even, refer to other people’s life as disposable as how they like it to be. They wanted autonomy but the government cannot give it to them and so they go bombing places, killing people. Yes there have been peace talks and obviously, these talks failed, seeing the result turning out like what’s happening now. But still, I don’t think people should resort to war.

Like I said, maybe I just don’t understand most of what’s going on. I may not understand the depth of what MNLF and MILF are fighting for, but I hope they will stop and think about their actions. They have been using the human residents as shields and children as their front army, how can that be a solution to their problem?

We have a complicated world. I know. And people will always have misunderstandings. But we have values that we hold dear, those taught to us by our religions and those always coming up from our conscience, which can help us discern what is good and what is evil.

But then, here comes misleading ideas and ideals. Ideas can be frightening, can’t they? A few statements, no matter how twisted, but a good speaker convincingly delivers, can lead men into doing so many forms of evil, setting aside the values of morality. It is so disheartening that that huge group of Filipinos are not using their hearts to listen and their minds to keep the peace.

I pray dearly for our country. May God help the people and help bring peace, not only to our country, but to the world.

Here War Is Simple by W H Auden

Here war is simple like a monument:
A telephone is speaking to a man;
Flags on a map assert that troops were sent;
A boy brings milk in bowls. There is a plan

For living men in terror of their lives,
Who thirst at nine who were to thirst at noon,
And can be lost and are, and miss their wives,
And, unlike an idea, can die too soon.

But ideas can be true although men die,
And we can watch a thousand faces
Made active by one lie:

And maps can really point to places
Where life is evil now:
Nanking. Dachau.


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