The Unsung Heroine

Since the day I was born, she’s already there for me.
My blood isn’t hers, and yet I call her Mommy.
Others may refer to her as our yaya,
but all throughout my entire existence,
she’s more than a yaya to me.


And she’s 60! Happy Birthday Mommy Baby!

We all love you so dearly 🙂

My mommy is the epitome of unconditional love. Aside from our loving God maybe. Like a real mother, she has done so many sacrifices for us and they’re all for love and family. It’s not difficult to love her, since she herself is maybe ‘love’ itself, in its human form. Her heart is so huge that everyone in the street where I’m living is in it. Seriously, whenever she walks out in the street, everyone greets her. And all the children playing outside greets her too. And some even calls her Mommy too, something I find irksome initially because ‘why do they get to call her Mommy? We’re the only ones allowed to call her mommy!!!’ but then of course, I grew up and became less childish so now it’s okay.

When the month of September halts to the 16th, she celebrates her birthday. And everyone who knows her knows that she is always celebrating her birthday with a party. She prepares food and invites her family, friends and acquaintances over at home. I know it is normal to celebrate birthdays in that way, but I don’t really do that always. I mean, I’ve had birthdays when I was only at home, with some pancit and drinks to a few friends, and then just me with my free, alone time. And I’m sure there are others like that too. But to mommy, walang kupaslaging may party.

I asked her why is that? I mean, she always make sure that she has prepared so much food during her birthday celebration, and she’s always planning it months before the actual day. When I asked her why is she always serious about having a party always on her birthday, and not even thinking of using her money instead to buy the things she wanted or even to go to trips and travel, she just smiled at me, and then told me a story.

Yes, there is a story behind her birthday routine.

She started her story by telling me that before she was born, she has had three siblings, all died during their birth. I was shocked to find out about that. Then she said that her mother, a dear loving woman (and may she rest in peace), would always celebrate her birthday in the grandest way they can possibly make it to be. Their family made sure that there are much food on the table so they could invite others and share the food with them, pork, chicken, pancit, beef, etc. Even though they didn’t have much resources, they make it a point that during her birthday, they will have a party.

After the three fetal deaths, her coming alive from her mother’s womb is a miracle indeed. She is a special baby, a miracle baby, and her mother is thanking God so much for bringing her safely in this world. And so they really celebrate mommy’s birthday taking seriously the meaning of ‘celebration’.

This year, on my mommy’s 60th, we will have the celebration on Saturday. But this special day, we made sure that mommy is truly special for us in our own little ways. The three of us, her adopted three children, love her so much.

We are nothing without her.


My favorite picture of us.
Kasi nakakatawa si mommy hahaha. This is exactly how she looks like when she’s irritated by our stubbornness and naughtiness. At super dugyot lang namin dito diba haha.


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