34th Manila International Book Fair

2013-09-12 19.34.46

It was my first time to go to  MIBF and I was so overwhelmed by the scene that greeted me. The whole place was filled with tons and tons of books! It was amazing and my bibliophile side was practically in frenzy.


I wasn’t really planning to go to MIBF but I saw the ad when I got in Mall of Asia and I just couldn’t help myself. I’ve never attended MIBF before so I decided to look around and see how the event looks like. The last time I made a book haul was two years ago and because of diminishing resources, I promised myself to put more self control and buy only one book at a time whenever I want to (I used to buy 2-3 book before whenever I visit bookshops). And for years I have succeeded until today, when the effect of MIBF became a temptation for me too hard to resist! They’re selling books with discounts ranging from 20% to 80% discount! Who can say no to that? And the view of all those racks filled with books? Ugh, temptation at its best.

So I bought a few books. These books are so long overdue from my list of books-to-own. I am just so happy now that I am owning them already!


I have actually read ‘M is for Magic‘ by Neil Gaiman before (borrowed) but this is a favorite of mine so I had to own it. And its a collection of short stories which include a few that I really like and I wanted to read over and over again. I can’t wait to start The Book Thief though. So many are recommending this book and they’re all admiring how great it is.

And because I took my time looking around, I found so many more books that I really want to buy but unfortunately I couldn’t because Napoles took my money so… yeah.


And yes, I took a picture of those books, lol, parang timang lang XD I want theseeeeee!

I was able to participate in the Philippine Bible Society‘s project called the “Handwritten Unity Bible” where they aim to create a handwritten Bible in both English and Tagalog language to increase Bible awareness, help raise funds, and promote unity among Filipinos towards “national transformation through God’s words.” The said Bible will then be displayed at their museum. It was also a first in the Philippines as told by the staff. The names of those who participated will be released along with the Bible once everything was completed and book-bounded. As for my case, I wrote down the Bible verse Romans 11:15.


The staff immediately offered to take a photo of me when I agreed to join in the activity.
Haha. This was funny.
It’s a nice thing though that the staff is very kind and friendly.

I’m thinking of going back on Saturday but then I had to check my wallet first hahaha (T.T)

I’m really happy though, not only because of the bargain I’ve made (I bought these four books for roughly P1100), but also because of the sheer joy brought by the fact that I already have these long awaited books! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to pick any book by a Filipino author but if I go back, I will be sure to do so. I had been eyeing Manila Noir by Jessica Hagedorn and The Night Monkeys when I was there.

The 34th Manila International Book Fair will be until September 15, 2013.


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