My Life Sucks a Lot: How to Start a New Life?

Not everyone feels so good about how their life is going. Most people who feel like these are those stuck in a job that they don’t like, or loathed even. Apart from that, there are those who are burdened with problematic relationships on love and family.

Life isn’t anywhere near good for them. And so there’s desire to restart everything, go back to zero, refresh, and start anew.

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But the problem is, how?

Life isn’t like an RPG game where you can press the ‘restart’ button anytime you want. There’s no ‘undo’ option as well. And at the present real world, time travel hasn’t been invented yet. So how exactly is starting a new life ever be possible?

You know what, if you’re reading that question literally, well here’s news for you: you can’t start a brand new life.

You’re not God. You can’t just stop being who you are and start living a different life. (except maybe when you had an accident and suddenly you have an amnesia where you forget everything that ever happened in your life)
Starting anew isn’t just getting a haircut, leaving your old place and getting a new home in a different town. It’s more than that.

In fact, everything is only a matter of perspective.

In order to begin your new life, set your perspective and mindset into the right place.

1. Decide in yourself that the past is already behind you. This will make your mind and your heart at peace. You cannot move on if you’re still holding on too much from what happened in the past, especially if those events are stressful. If you should do something to once and for all finish the uncompleted task, then do it. It’s important to make peace with your heart and your conscience.

If you cannot let go of those things you didn’t have control before, if you cannot go through this step, then you cannot move forward. Leave it all behind.

2. Set your goals, both immediate and long term goals. If you first want to relax it’s okay to live a carefree life at first. But that’s only for a short time. You cannot do that in a long term basis because that would only lead you to a string of problems in the future. Make a list of goals and try to accomplish them one step at a time and with enjoyment and enthusiasm too.

3. Make sure you have time for break and relaxation. Take vacations. These vacations will rejuvenate your body and refresh your mind. It will help you enjoy the new found life you wanted.

4. Love. Because that’s the most important thing of all. Love things. Love yourself. Love others. Share love, give love.

Love, love, love.

I think if people do this thing correctly then wanting to change his life will not not come across his mind at all.

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