Play and Games: Memoirs of Childhood

I recently read an article about gaming consoles and I immediately felt nostalgic. My mind wandered back to the old times when I was enjoying my carefree life as a child. Life was so simple back then. But no matter how simple, playing games wasn’t any less fun. And I’d like to share with you what ‘gaming’ was for me when I was a carefree little 90’s kid.

1. Paper Dolls

I pity any 90’s Filipina who didn’t play these awesome toys. LOL. I remember having an extra pencil case filled with only these paper dolls.


2. War Games in Paper (“Tira-Tira”)

Haha, I remember this game being played by the boys in our elementary class before every “recess” time.

It’s a war game using a paper and a pen. Two are needed to play this game, with each one creating a base at the opposing edges of the intermediate pad paper (‘grade six pad’). And then shots were made to attack the enemies by making a pen stand on its ballpoint on paper and letting it slide towards the opponent’s base or enemy ‘soldiers’. It was an entertaining game.

Of course we girls joined in this game too.


3. Street Games

Every Filipino, not just all the 90’s kid though, should know how to play these classic Pinoy games.


(image source)

4. Street Songs! (with clapping and/or tag game)

LOL! I cannot forget all the fun times these songs always bring into my mind.


“Nanay, Tatay, gusto ko tinapay
Ate, Kuya, gusto ko kape,
Lahat ng gusto ko ay susundin niyo.
Sinong sasali sa larong ito?
Ang magkamali ay pipingutin ko…
1, clap 1x
clap 2x
clap 3x
clap 4x
clap 5x
… so on”


“Singkamas, singkamas, maputi,
Maputi, maputi ang binti,
Nanay mong maganda, pwede nang ibenta,
Tatay mong bulutong, pwede nang igatong
Ate kong masungit, pwede nang isingit,
Kuya mong matakaw, pwede nang ilaban,
Bumbero! Bumbero! May sunog!
Saan? Saan?
Sa pwet ng kalan!
Anong numero?
Uno, Dos, Tres,
Asawa ni Maries, araw gabi, walang panty
Kung sinong bumukaka ay siyang palaka,
Kung sinong ngumiti ay siyang paniki,
Kung sinong tumakbo ay siyang kabayo,
Kung sinong gumalwa ay siyang bakulaw


“Chippy chippy gum is a bubble gum
Masarap ito at malinamnam
Bumili kayo sa tindahan
Chippy chippy gum
is a bubble gum!”


“Langit lupa impyerno!
Saksak puso tulo ang dugo
Patay! Buhay! U-ma-lis ka na di-yan sa pwesto mo!”

(okay actually this is a running/tag game)


“Tagu-taguan, maliwanag ang buwan,
Masarap maglaro sa dilim-diliman.
Wala sa likod, wala sa harap.
Pagkabilang ko ng sampu, nakatago na kayo,
isa… dalawa… so on”

(this is a hide and seek game, Filipino style)


“Good morning teacher, good morning classmates, our lesson for today is mathematics.
1+1 I do not know
2+2 I’m very bobo
3+3 Christmas Tree
4+4 I am doctor
Very bad, very bad, 75!
Now let’s go to is-peling.
Is-pel CAT, C-A-T nagkakalat-kalat,
Is-pel DOG, D-O-G nagkadurug-durug,
Is-pel MOTHER, M-O-T-H-E-R!
My Mother went to the…

(okay, sigh, I can’t remember!!! T.T)

Anyway, there are loads of other jingles like this when I was a kid. I tried to remember them all but I just couldn’t. 😦

5. Tanching / Teks / Pogs

Tanching was a game we played when I was a kid. I could not find a picture so I’m going to describe it instead. In this game, we had a pail-amount of small rubber toys/action figures. We then make a circle on the ground from chalk and we place these tiny rubber toys inside the circle. Each of the players will have his own ‘pamato’ which is any of the rubber toys but more harder and heavier.

The game simply goes like this: each player should be able to make those toys inside the circle move out of the circle by throwing their ‘pamato’ with great force.The one who’s able to take out the most number of toys is the winner. There are of course other tiny details on the mechanics but I’m not going to explain them all. LOL.



Meron akong bundok ng teks noon. Puro Sailormoon at Ghost Fighter. I remember my father became angry with me because I was wasting my money buying these teks and he threatened to boil all my teks in water and make me drink it. I didn’t listen to him and I continued buying these teks (1php for a pack of four cards) and guess what? He boiled all my teks! Gosh, can you imagine how an eight year old fan of anime who play teks will react to that? T.T



I remember playing pogs before but there were no memorable moments. Teks and tanching were much more popular in my days.

6. Gaming Consoles

Brick Game (okay I’m not sure this one being a console but uhm…)


Family Computer


Only one of my playmates before had  family computer gaming console so we all had to be in his room to play these games. I remember choosing Blanca everytime we play Capcom vs. Marvel and there was a time when we banned any of us from using Blanca because he’s just so difficult to defeat.




And then of course Playstation came next from which I played lots of Pacman, Crash Bandicoot and Ford racing games.

Before, I never really had the time and leisure of playing those games in Playstation because #1, I only play these when my playmate is at home, and #2 I only play these when my parents have no errands for me (which is rare btw). Then we owned an Xbox but my brothers used it more than I did.


Because I was busy playing in the computer!

7. Computer Games!

The Sims


 Ahh, The Sims. I’m sure anyone who played this became so obsessed with the game there came a time when he/she stayed all night just playing, building houses, designing rooms, which is, by the way, I did plenty of times. Sorry my dear parents.

And then there’s Diablo, Battle Realms and Warcraft. Yes I also played those games.

Classic RPG

I don’t know what happened but there came a time when I got addicted playing classic RPG in my computer. I was already a bit grown-up then, actually. Still, those games were fantastic for me (Aveyond, Dawn’s Light, Lilly & Sasha, Elysium, etc.).

And that’s it! We also played other games before, such as those popular board games Snakes and Ladders, Chinese Checkers, Scrabbles, Monopoly, etc. There’s also those silly paper games such as F.L.A.M.E.S, P.A.N.T.S, etc. And I think there were more. But I couldn’t remember all of those. I just feel nostalgic that’s all. And I think I already spent enough time for this blog post so I’m going to stop here. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Play and Games: Memoirs of Childhood

  1. Nakakatuwa! I felt happily nostalgic when I read this! 🙂 Hindi ko alam ung laro na “Singkamas na maputi” hahaha! tapos, your father really boiled your “teks” hahaha! Buti he didn’t make you drink its “tea”! So funny and entertaining! 🙂


  2. Hi Steph DC. May I say it is so nice to meet you and that you want to follow my poetry adventures. How you enjoyed your childhood without all the game consuls. Surely was a better start enjoying mixing and being outside. I am much older and remember playing out in the streets long before any electronic games. Until recently I worked in a hospital in my home town of Swindon in the Uk. And I worked with a lot of Filipinos in the operating theatres. And always found them so nice genuine and sincere fun good to work with and socialise. Great to meet you. Peace and Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi! great to meet you as well, I enjoy reading poetry and I’m glad I found yours 🙂 It’s so nice to know you enjoy the company of Filipinos. That time before the digital age, games were equally fun 🙂 Thanks for dropping by and may you have a great day 🙂


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