Music and Me: Filling the Holes

“I’ve learned that I can fill the gaping holes in my chest with great music”


Our lives are not always vibrant and colorful in each passing day, at least in the perspective of most people. But we have things around us that makes our daily ventures in this world quite interesting and refreshing. And by that I meant the arts, films, books, poems, and other forms of output of human talents which can elicit so much varied feelings from any of us, making our days seem more than ordinary.

I am always a self proclaimed music lover and music has a large portion of those things which enliven my soul, make me feel different sorts of emotions, and even inspire me, and transform me. It has this certain magic which sets you into a different mood in a matter of seconds.

I have listened to quite a wide range of music; I had been a fan of classical music, pop, rock, alternative rock, even punk rock, j-pop, ballads, indie, etc. And I never regretted listening to all those songs I had listened to in the past. In fact, I’m quite proud for having spent a little of my time to listen to those great music by talented people. It’s not only the rhythm that mattered in those songs (although for me the melody is a huge part of the appeal) but the words as well.

Although I did say I listen to different kinds of music, the charm of each of these melodic creations is still dependent on your environment. Every music has its moment when everything in that song is felt wholeheartedly.  You can’t just always feel the same feelings each time a particular song is heard. As for me, I enjoy most music when I’m spending my personal time at home, similar to most people I believe.

The following are some of the artists I’m listening to at this point plus one of their songs. The music I prefer to listen to are a bit melancholic in a certain way although sounding upbeat, while some are plain melancholic, if not inspirational.


The Cure

Of Monsters and Men

The XX


Hillsong United

Jesus Culture


Snow Patrol

Bon Iver

He is We

Gregory and the Hawk

“Sad is happy for deep people”


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