Subspace-ing at Ortigas

“Gusto ko pumuntang Subspace! Ang cool may chairs sa ceiling!”

Haha yes that was my line years ago. And now I’m so proud to have been gone from this cafe. Subspace Coffee House has been reviewed by many blogs and its charm went all the way to the mouths of my friends, hence, my desire to visit.

There wasn’t much space inside. However, although small, the interiors are very artsy, teen-y and trendy with so much of its Korean-inspired decorations. In fact, the whole cafe is inspired by K-pop. I like all those Korean pastel colors and cute decorations. But since I no longer am an avid fan of K-pop idols. I don’t find the ambiance so exciting. Still, it’s cool.

We ordered choco lava cake, cafe latte, peanut butter latte and red velvet cake. The choco lava cake looked very plain. It looked like a huge upside down Reese chocolate turned into a cake with a few light brown powder at the top. The surprise, however, is inside that simple piece of mud-like stuff. Haha! It’s not really much of a surprise since its name spoiled it already. When I cut the cake, rich liquid chocolate flowed out of the cake from the inside! It was then that I realized that the center (just underneath the light brown powder) is in fact, liquid already.

Anyway, so much for that choco lava cake. I requested Totoro as the coffee art for my cafe latte and they did Totoro pretty well, I was so delighted! Too bad though, they serve the hot drinks in styro cups instead of mugs. The red velvet cake tasted velvet-y and it’s not very sweet so it’s awesome. I wished I tried the purple latte though 😦

Generally the cafe is okay for me. I was a bit disappointed with how small the cafe really is but it’s not a major thing. Teens and fans of k-pop would be very amused with the cafe.

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