20th Annual PhilCAT Convention

The 20th Annual PhilCAT Convention was held last August 15 and 16 at Crowne Plaza in Ortigas and Marla and I were lucky to be part of the convention as delegates from the hospital where we work. We attended the event with our TB team’s Pedia doctor. The opening ceremony was entertaining since Dr. Tayag was there to dance to a nice, rhythmic party tune. Mitch Valdez was also there and sang us an old lovely song with her power voice. The rest of the event were very much informative. There were also international representative who served as speakers such as from the WHO-WPRO. The different programs were then held simultaneously in different exhibit rooms and we were free to choose which one to attend. I was also able to greet familiar faces there.

It was a nice experience. Just like the other trainings and seminars I had attended, I felt so much like an adult. But more importantly, I learned so many things, tiny little details, changes in the TB program, views and analysis of specialists in the case holding of complicated cases, drug developments for the disease, etc. Generally, this event made me realize how important my duty is in the TB program. There is so much more to improve and to implement. Changes has been made so the program can work better and we have our own duties to fulfill. Now that we have learned this much, we must make sure that things will work out in the best possible way we could make it in order to reach our goals.

TB Free Philippines? Why not? 🙂

sorry for our faces I couldn’t just let our pictures go to waste LOL


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