National Hospital Week 2013

Last Thursday we had our National Hospital Week Sportsfest 2013 in the Ynares gym in Pasig. It was my first time to join the celebration. I joined in the games too! Haha, relay lang naman 😀 We won 2nd place overall as the RED TEAM along with two other hospitals: Jose Reyes and National Children’s Hospital.

Anyway, it was really fun, we played Filipino games, patintero, luksong lubid, luksong tinik, luksong baka, agawang base (with a confusing twist), tamaang tao, etc

Those hospital/healthcare workers playing with and against each other are fun to watch. I also felt a bit of nostalgia seeing how these Filipino games were played. Sarap maging bata haha! 

The emcee/host was really funny and energetic din! The music is hilarious, it’s as if we’re participants of the Hunger Games LOL. Sabi ng host one time while playing tamaang tao:

Narito tayo sa palaro ng National Hospital Week upang isulong ang Kalusugang Pangkalahatan, kung saan dito mo lamang mababato ang ospital na matagal mo nang gusting batuhin!” 

Haha. And the way he said it was so funny as if he’s a newscaster announcing something serious. Marami pa siyang sinabi pero di ko na maalala yung iba. It was fun. I had a good time.



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