Greed and Corruption

You know your country is faced with the problem of corruption by greedy politicians, and you feel annoyed and irritated. But when the details of the information slapped you right in your face will heighten the feeling tenfold.

I just read this blog post and I never felt so sorry for my own country. It is very hard to see how poor so many Filipinos are while those who sit in power are showering themselves with luxury and lavish lifestyle.

Ugh this is horrifying! Hindi na ko magtataka kung bakit ang daming violent reactions in response sa corruption issue ngayon. So many are angry. I share the same feeling but I know we have to calm down. At the moment, all I can do is to turn to God. Pray to Him to help us. And to think that the recent bombings may possibly be actually a part of their greedy plan is more than outrageous. People will say that what’s in this blog may only be conspiracy theories but what do we know? This will not leak in the first place if here’s no truth in this.


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