Cinemalaya Cinesthesia 2013

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Cinemalaya is the Philippine festival for independent films held annually to showcase the talents of Filipino independent filmmakers.

This is my copy of the brochure of this year’s Cinemalaya. Meron ako nito kasi I know someone working in a publishing company which happens to be the one na gumawa ng brochures so I was given one of the extra copies. Inside are brief descriptions of the different film entries in the festival. There are also brief introductions and cool photos of each of the independent filmmakers participating in the festival.

I was supposed to watch one of the films last Saturday but I was enveloped with a cloth of darkness called ‘katamaran’ so I never got out of the house. Blah. I know. My fault. T.T And I regret. Maybe, hopefully (!), next year 😦

Also, something really bad happened to my friend last Saturday. And this friend was the one with whom I was sharing the desire to watch the film ‘Sana Dati’, an entry in this festival. What happened is awful and now whenever I think of Cinemalaya, I think of my friend 😦


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