Today I had a meeting AYNLA officers for a project initiated by Kiarah. I met Camille and she’s cool and nice 🙂 Reggie’s with us but he’s not in the picture. Anyway, we tried to finish the proposal but we weren’t able to. But we will though. Before the week ends, the proposal will be done. We are all excited and enthusiastic about the project and we really hope we could pull this thing off. 😀

But aside from the meeting, we also had some really nice chitchats and with a very little convincing talks, I have now decided that I will watch BBC’s Sherlock!!! Haha, Kiarah said it’s so much better than Elementary, and Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock is way more intellectually admirable than Robert Downey Jr’s. Haha! And also, I found out Cinemalaya film festival is about to end tomorrow so I better clear my afternoon sched tom yayay!!!

oh and by the way, CBTL’s music that afternoon was really good too! (ed sheeran, birdy, of monsters and men, etc) ;P


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