Dilang Oogoy-Ogoy

Breaktime Art at Work!

‘Ogoy-ogoy’ and ‘Dila’ biscuits ;P These taste best with hot coffee 😀

Dahil wala nang nakaabang na pasyente at dahil marami kaming biscuit, eto ang pinaggawa namin ni Marlita ehehe 😀

The breadstick is called ‘ogoy-ogoy’. Ma’am Mean told us it’s called as such because when you pull it up after being dipped from hot coffee, ‘mag-uugoy-ugoy’ siya. (‘Ugoy-ugoy’ = Swinging back and forth).

On the other hand, the oval biscuits are called ‘Dila’. ‘Dila’ is actually ‘Tongue’ in English. And according to Ma’am Cecille, it’s called ‘Dila’ because of the obvious reason that it’s shaped like a tongue.

Hahaha. Oha. Filipinos and our amusing and oddly simple ways of naming things.


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