Milky Way Galaxy: Our Home


I was looking for some good photos to use on a project when I stumbled upon a photo of the Milky Way Galaxy. I stared into it and found myself in awe once again of how beautiful and mysterious the space beyond earth is. And then before I knew it, I was already browsing for more and more photos of the galaxy and I even read articles about it. Learning about the the outer space is so addicting.

The Milky Way galaxy is described as a ‘barred spiral galaxy‘, from where the center is surrounded by spiral arms. Based on the picture above, we can actually see from the skies a part of our galactic home. The bar that we see from the night sky, the one like a path, or a river, is the center of the galaxy. It’s full of stars, and dusts, and gas. However, if seen from the top, the Milky Way looks like this:


Our planet is located in one of its spiral arms. New stars are being formed in the galaxy’s outer arms. At the center of the galaxy, apart from the old stars and gas and dust, is a black hole, which consumes everything it can hold from within its grasp. This black hole is billion times as huge as the sun and although the space scientists are not really able to view this black hole, they can see all the changes that are happening around it, all those gravitational effects that a black hole is capable of.

We all know how the moon revolves around the earth, or how the earth rotates on its axis, or revolves around the sun. Our solar system, also moves and spins within the galaxy. Similarly, the Milky Way Galaxy travels and moves about the whole universe. And in time, because of this movement, the galaxy will eventually collide with its neighbor galaxy, the Andromeda galaxy. And this collision will become the ultimate end of our galactic home.

I admire all the works of professional photographers who spend their time capturing the vast view of the sky, our window to the space outside the earth. All those images reflect how mysterious the universe is. We all have plenty of questions and most of them are left unanswered.

Like the sky at night, our life is a big, dark endless mystery, and all these knowledge and discoveries are like those little specks of light coming from the tiny stars. However, the stars die too, and new stars are being formed, just like knowledge. Scientists are disproving previous known information and replacing them with new discoveries.

It’s amazing, how beautifully mysterious the universe is. And I will be forever in awe about this.


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