When Lazy People Sit on Noble Jobs

The world is a wonderful place. But it’s cruel too. And several bad things can happen in this world that we, mere humans, will not have any control with. Like for example, an earthquake, a tsunami, or a sudden attack of a disease. But when such tragic events come, we start to move and act to lessen the damage, prevent death, and keep everyone to safety.

At this age, the world is already filled with us, social beings who are developed enough that we had organized ourselves to assign certain people to these ‘saving’ tasks as their job. It’s honorable, indeed, to have such kind of jobs. Just imagine how many suffering people you may help while you go around assisting them, receiving their gratitude, and then getting paid at the same time.

However, how noble those jobs will no longer matter if the people tasked with them are just sitting on their chairs, swiveling around, having fun on the internet from 8 am until 5 pm, and doing nothing. It is disheartening to know that this scenario may actually be happening.

I’m not sure about it but what’s happening to a dear mentor at this point in time is so bad and terrible I may have to blame such kind of people. Filipinos working abroad are supposed to be cared for and protected by the country’s embassy right? Not about everything of course but when it comes to legal matters and emergencies, the country is supposed to help and provide assistance, isn’t it?

My boss is currently burdened, and pained very much, with a terrible event concerning an immediate loved one stuck in a foreign country, lying in a hospital ICU, with an ill condition. It pains all of us at work to see her go on with her job, knowing that inside, she’s pained and hurt. My boss badly wants to go there, but a visa couldn’t be provided to her because of certain restrictions she doesn’t have any control with but the government may be able to do something for. She had done everything, she went to all departments and institutions that could provide her assistance, but to no avail.

What is happening?! Surely the government will be able to do something about this, and yet it’s been more than 3 weeks and nothing has been done.

We all just hope that the power of the media can do something instead.


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