When Reading Isn’t a Good Thing Anymore

I have always thought that reading books and novels is a good thing. It gives you lots of opportunities to learn and discover so many things in different people’s point of view. But lately I somehow think that it’s no longer something that one has to do often. I mean, reading novels and becoming absorbed in the fictional world and by fictional characters in the book is surely pleasurable and refreshing but it keeps one from living his own life. It makes him neglect all the important things because he has to find out what happens in the next chapter, or in the next episode. It’s a distraction against character formation of being realistic and being responsible. I’m not saying that reading is bad but reading too much is.

There would be times also when after reading too much, one finds himself drowned in so many thoughts about a character that he would dream to be like whoever that character is. That’s alright especially when the character is very inspiring and does so many good things for the good of many. But when one thinks of too many fictional characters, he may find himself so lost and he would not know who he really is. And that, I think is scary.

The same goes when one thinks about the different worlds in those books. If these worlds are so great he will end up wishing he could go to those worlds and live in them. And all day he could only think about that. What happens now to the real life? He would start thinking negative things about the real life he may no longer find contentment and happiness and even beauty in the real world. And that is very sad.

I, for one, have made myself drown too much in the goodness of so many books, even series and movies. And I realized I have been wasting so much in the life of my own. I know my life isn’t very exciting as how life is in many books, but this life is real. What’s out there is real. And there are so many good things out there, we should just find it and drown ourselves more in what’s out there, in what lays before our eyes, or try to discover what’s still kept hidden. And when maybe there’s a moment when we’re too caught up in life or we couldn’t find a push or a motivation, I think that’s the time that we take a little of our time to peek into another’s point of view, to refresh us, a break time, like a good book, or a good movie. Let ourselves learn from all the lessons the book teaches, but not let the book consume us. Because honestly, I think that is very dangerous for the mind.


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