The Goal of Being Happy


We all have the same goal in life, to find happiness. People  always say that happiness isn’t a destination, that anyone can already have it without having to accomplish certain things. I understand the thought but it never sunk in to me.

Not until yesterday,
when I found myself feeling sheer joy and gladness in the simplicity of moments.

These past few weeks, I’ve been stressing myself on planning my future. Each minute I think about the things that I should do in order to be successful in my career, so that I can finally reach my dreams, which is none other than provide a house for my parents and stabilized financial flow for my family and relatives. That dream is based on the idea that I can only be truly happy when I got everything I needed and my loved ones also got everything they need.

But what happened yesterday had proved me wrong.

I was very happy yesterday. Nothing extraordinary happened but I felt that certain glow in my heart which my brain interpreted as none other than simply, gladness.

It was peaceful, it was joyous, it was divine. I was happy I felt like crying.

But just like I said, it was nothing extraordinary. You know what happened?

For a few hours, I chatted with my cousins-slash-sisters-slash-friends.

For a few minutes, I met a cute guy. And I talked to him.

For a few seconds, I laughed with my family.

For a single moment, I felt really pretty.

For the whole day, I felt loved.

And although I know my life kinda sucks as of this time, I can’t remember any moment when I didn’t feel good. And as a believer of the idea that if you feel happy on the first part of the day, you won’t be feeling as happy during the later times of the same day, yesterday was an exception indeed. A wonderful exception, it’s so hard to believe for me.

I thought then, that those moments of happiness, is what I have been yearning for. And I realized, I don’t have to be successful in career in order to have those fantastic moments. Yes, I do need to still try to learn and be excellent in a few skills and crafts for my own personal growth as well as for my career growth, but that doesn’t mean that if I fail, I won’t be feeling that happiness anymore.

The only thing we need though, is people to care about and people who cares about us.

To put it simply, love.

Love is, truly, our salvation, our happiness, our peace. It’s everything we need.

Funny thing is, we already have it in the start. All we have to do, is learn how to use it for others, and how to use it for our own selves.


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