Cacao Tablea

It’s been years since I last made a chocolate drink from tablea (cacao balls, or tablets in my case). Last week I got to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate made from cacao balls. My seniors at work brought these cacao balls which we melted in hot water. And together with saging na saba and suman, a native Filipino snack, each of us at work had a cup of this chocolate drink for merienda.

Too bad we didn’t have milk then. I bet the drink will taste better with fresh milk. But it tasted good anyway. I was told these cacao balls are already mixed with sugar. The drink is very sweet. Definitely, this choco drink is a treat for kids and teens. Personally, I prefer pure cacao tablets so I can have control on the amount of sugar.

But beyond any doubt, having these for merienda feels really nice. Chocolate drink from cacao balls and native Pinoy snacks for breakfast is common in other provinces in the country, Batangas in particular. But from where I live, it’s not everyday that I get to have this combination for a merienda.


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