The Father of Science Fiction

Jules Verne

“a man of letters and an artist, living in the pursuit of the ideal”

 I just watched another movie adaptation of one of Jules Verne’s novels. And as it always does, Verne’s story has stirred the child in me who’s hungry for adventure.


He’s amazing, isn’t he? Those wonderful stories only coming from the mind of a man who’s born from the 19th century. Many in the past, or even at present, have deemed him as a ‘prophet’ all because of the details of science and technology that he wrote in his novels which were completely works of fantasy during his time but has later turned be real and, somehow, ordinary. Although Verne himself noted that all these about his works and the real world are purely coincidental. He said that his works are not scientific.

Still, how he relates his stories to science is truly magnificent. No wonder he’s a great influence for the French avant-garde and innovators.

I haven’t read all the stories of his Voyages Extraordinaire but I know the stories of some of it (Journey to the center of the Earth, The Mysterious Island, Around the World in 80 Days, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea), and they are all great. I have read somewhere that his novels are sometimes too scientific. Many adore his works because his novels explore so much of the  geography, paleontology, zoology, etc. He even explored the moon in his stories. Indeed, he’s one of those who people deem as the “Father of Science Fiction.

I wish I could read all those adventures he had written. If only I have the time.



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