Meet-Up with Meking Dak!


I met with my dear old friend Melissa who I haven’t met for quite a while, 2 months I guess, and things haven’t changed so far, which is a nice thing but also, pretty depressing on many points (LOL). We had a snack in Mall of Asia’s Cafe Breton and she gave me her pasalubong items from her vacation in Korea: red cellphone accessory, red pen, red bookmark (cool bookmark! I love it so much).

I am so delightful at these things. One of the good things about bosom friends is that they know your favorite color, haha 🙂


After our chit chats about people we know in our lives, about serious stuff on career and health, we went to the theaters for a movie. We were supposed to watch The Great Gatsby but sadly, the movie isn’t shown yet 😦 We watched Fast & Furious 6 instead, which is awesome, really packed with car chasing scenes, and lots of muscle action 😀 And oh wait, Jason Statham’s going to be on the next F&F asdfghjklmnbvczx!!!

The day is truly nice, but I am still on a difficult predicament about an important thing right now.

I wish I can decide soon, and I pray that I would choose the right thing.


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