Going Round! Mt. Mabilog Hike

Last Saturday, we headed to another mountain! And Mt. Mabilog is now third on my list 🙂


Mt. Mabilog is a 440+ ft. mountain which lies in the midst of the forested border of San Pablo and Nagcarlan, Laguna. There are three trails to reach the peak of the mountain and our group chose the Sto. Angel trail, from which we were able to pass by the splendid twin lakes of Lake Pandin and Lake Yambo.

Mt. Mabilog seemed really low especially being surrounded by mountain giants such as Mt. Banahaw, Mt. Cristobal, and Mt. Makiling. Still, the view at the peak is worth all the sweat and all the energy spent.


Although the views of the mountains of Southern Tagalog and the views of the magnificent lakes are all wonderful to the eyes, they’re not the only thing that’s amazing during the hike. As we go through the trail, we saw how rich the province is. Everywhere, there are banana and coconut trees. The surrounding fields are all filled with plants and trees which produce fruits and sources of industrial income. We even encountered cows three times as we hike.

But also, this hike wouldn’t be as enjoyable as it had been if not for the fun people I was with. Once again, I was with my colleagues in the hospital where I’m working and hiking with them are always fun.


We are thirteen in number, two among us are the only boys. It was Ma’am Rose who arranged this dayhike and she, along with Sir Echo, is the leader of our pack. Nurses from the Pediatric ward also joined us this time.

Before we reached for the summit, we first had our brunch in Lake Pandin, a splendid place for a meal, really. The water is calm and refreshing to the eyes.



We ate on a balsa and we were served with rice, tilapia, hipon, and ensaladang damo ng gubat (fern). All tasted fine. The tilapia were all fresh from the waters of the lake, the ensaladang fern were freshly picked from the mountain. It was a hearty meal.

The price however… isn’t something we expected. It was just too much! But we were all hungry and we just ate what was served before us. Tsk. Nice ate. Tactics. Anyway, at least we have another funny thing to remember by. 😀


And then, we started the hike! The trail is easy, it’s quite muddy (of course) and it’s really hot! We went up in midday so the sun is high.


We passed by so many banana and coconut trees. We were greeted by horses, cows and carabaos. One of the cows didn’t like us that much though. Haha! That encounter with that cow is definitely one of the best moments in this hike. 😀



It wasn’t long before we reached the peak. We had our rest there for a while and we did some crazy photoshoots 😀


Our side trip didn’t only include the Lake Pandin. We also had a view of Lake Yambo by the way, which is equally beautiful to look at. After our trip to the mountain peak, after our rest, we went down and proceeded to Bunga Falls.


And in here we washed away the sweat and the horrible smell from our hike. The weather was terrible though. The rain was pouring so hard and so scary. But that didn’t keep my companions to still enjoy the cold water. I joined them after a little while, when the thunders and lightning stopped. Seriously, the weather was scary. Good thing no one was hurt, no one drowned and we all left with limbs still intact hehe 😀

I’m very much looking forward to more of this! I wish though that I’d have time for this in the future, especially now that I’ll be much busier than I was last year. And I also wish that I’d be able to bring my brothers up the mountain peak next time. 😀

God is great! How wonderful His creations are! Thank you Lord for all these natural beauty. 🙂


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