When Fantasy Becomes Close to Reality: Life on Mars


Weeks ago, I read about the news that four people will be sent to March in 2023 to start a colony. It was funny when I found out about it because the thought of the possibility of life beyond earth was looming over my mind just at the moment before I read the news.

Since years before, astronomers and space scientists were already talking about how life on Mars could be possible. However, I do not expect that they would do something about this so soon. 10 years from now, four people will begin their lives in another planet.

But how exactly can life on Mars be possible? Surely, basic life conditions on Earth cannot be applied just like that in another planet. Physics. The atmosphere, the gravitational pull, and soil properties are different in Mars and definitely, this will bring about changes in life conditions. I read more about this and learned a few things that can possibly happen if ever a human set foot on Mars.

The surface gravity of Mars is only 38% of that of the Earth’s and this will in turn set changes in the physiological aspects of the human body according to the article by McVeigh (guardan.co.uk). The bone density, as well as muscle strength, and even blood circulation will have a change in their chemical properties and these changes might not accommodate survival.

Also, the Earth has a strong magnetic field to protect itself against the cosmic waves and solar winds from the sun. The red planet, on the other hand, has a weak one, and this makes the planet too dangerous for human lives, strong radiation, and insane temperature changes.

And I’m sure there’s many more about Mars that makes it a place difficult, and dangerous, to live in, such as the lack of liquid water for crying out loud.

Still, Mars One, the company behind this project of starting a human colony in Mars, believe that anything is possible. And they plan to achieve their mission by doing everything they can. An American firm already signed a contract to build the spacesuits and start to develop the life support system to use in Mars. The company’s plan also include building a dome to protect the human from the sun rays, radiation, etc., an ability that the red planet’s atmosphere lacks.

The humans have made quite a lot of developments in deep space exploration, much more on Mars. Rovers have explored the lands of Mars, orbiters have flown over the planet, and now that so much has been learned about this planet, human residence may just be the next step.

Brian Versteeg/Mars One
Robinson Mars Map series: Composite map


But still, life is at risk. With all the knowledge about this planet that we have today, can any man now be ready to live in a planet not his own?


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