Flowers for Dinner, Why Not? Designer Blooms Cafe

Me and my friend’s Tuesday night out (?) has spontaneously turned into another cafe hunting trip. And this time we tried the Designer Blooms Cafe which stands among the myriad of nice and cozy cafes in the Molito complex in Alabang. Designer Blooms is actually a flower shop and having a cafe inside where customers can enjoy their snacks or meals while surrounded by roses, petunias, succulent cacti, and other aesthetic floras is quite a nice concept.

But no, we didn’t really eat flowers for dinner XD

I enjoyed my meal there mostly because of the fact that we were the only customers that night. We had the whole cafe for us and it made us feel really comfortable. I only ordered a greek salad for dinner while my friend ordered a carbonara. The food is so-so, not really outstanding but I think both quality and quantity of the food don’t measure up to its value. But that’s just me. 😉 To each his own. Haha. The ambiance is perfect though. I’m not sure though if the feeling would be the same if it’s packed with people.


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