Comforting Souls: Mary Grace Cafe

After buying our gift for one of our bosses in the workplace who’s having a birthday the next day, Marla and I had another cafe hunting trip! And on a Monday! Gah! Why is money so easy to spend? How much we spent is worth everything though so it’s okay 😀 The food is delicious, the ambiance is so homey, friendly and comfortable, and the service is quite nice as well.

I got myself a Fili beef sandwich and I tried the Mary Grace cold chocolate drink, which was heaven! The chocolate is super thick in my mouth and thankfully, it wasn’t very sweet. I really wished they serve the drink in a taller glass. I was a bit shocked upon seeing that P138 chocolate drink in a 4 inch-ish tall glass. Nevertheless, the taste and quality of the drink made up for its lack in quantity.

Marla had a carbonara, which tastes milky and really yummy. She had an iced coffee for her drink. Her drink was so tall I felt really envious when I saw our drinks being placed on our table. For a while I thought the waiter was mocking us… depende ba sa height yung drinks? Haha! Yeah, well…

This cafe is definitely worth a try. We decided to try and come back in another time 🙂

Also, did I mention the interior is really nice? 🙂


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