Apolonio Samson Medical Mission (AYNLA, UST-MMI, UE Dentists)

This is my first medical mission ever. Since I was a nursing student it was one of my goals to join a medical mission but unfortunately I wasn’t able to during the time I was still studying. It was mainly because only a few can join (point system) and I realized I didn’t have so much time then. After joining the organization AYNLA just recently, opportunities of joining missions in the future became so apparently easy to grab. Maybe because there aren’t so many active members in the organization right now. But I feel so thankful that I became a part of this org primarily because it makes me start to see myself becoming an active contributor in the improvement of the society, which will always be an amazing and a noble thing for me.

The whole day was tiring yet satisfying. The fact that you were able to spend your energy in doing good things, helping people, and using your skills and abilities towards goodness would always create a wonderful feeling deep inside you.

I hope to have more of these experiences in the future. 🙂


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