It’s All Worth Remembering: Aklan

My week long stay in the province had given me one more memorable trip before 2012 ended. Our family decided to spend the week before Christmas in our province in Aklan, to be with our cousins, aunts, and uncles, so that we can spend the last few days of my lola’s wake together.

This trip has given all of us time to mourn for my lola, remembering all the times we had together. But all the same, this trip also has given us lots of times worth treasuring in our hearts. And here are all the things I loved during my stay in Aklan 🙂


1. The Environment

I can instantly fall in love with a place where there are lots of trees, plants, flowers, and other aesthetic pieces of nature. Our place in the province has lots of it. The color green seemed endless in view and it’s very pleasant to the eyes. Waking up in the morning smelling that scent of earth and dew and feeling that cold pleasant breeze is one thing that cannot be exchanged to any kind of coffee sold in Starbucks.
The natural outdoors has always been one of the major reasons why I find going out really exciting. There is always this wonder and curiosity about things that are yet to discover or constantly be amazed with.


2. The Food

What I love the most when it comes to food back in the province is the merienda. There’s the kumbo, or maruya and there’s a variety of yummy kakanin. Seriously, these snacks together with coffee are the best.

Snacks aside, there isn’t much difference in the food we had in the province compared to what we have in Manila, except, the food back there is fresh. Oh yes, freshly picked vegetables, fresh fruits, fresh homemade peanut butter, freshly chopped chicken, freshly killed pig… oops… that didn’t come out right. Ahaha. Kidding, of course these meat were cooked. But if you’re not lucky enough, you’ll get to see first the actual living animals before you see them in little pieces, served to be delicious, scrumptious meat on the table. Fortunately, I’m not a vegetarian. 🙂

3. The Trekking

I can’t really say that I had so much relaxing times back in the province. The daily activities while I was in there were quite tiring actually. We have to visit places but before we get there, we have to do long walks and trekking uphill. It wasn’t a problem to me though because these kinds of physical activities are things I love the most. But I wish I could have stayed longer in each place. And thanks for all the trekking, I got to balance out the lots of food I ate during my stay.


Also, there was one day when we had to go to this town called MadalagWe went there not following the usual route which requires one to ride a jeepney or a motorcycle twice, bringing you to the entrance of the town. What we did is that we rode a jeepney only until the bridge. And then from the bridge, we turned left from the main cemented road to walk just by the river, where the tiny stones, high grasses and wildflowers border the wide, rough, well-worn path. We walked and walked and walked.

Yes, for long minutes, we walked and it was wonderful. We passed by cows and carabaos there were even ducks and goats. We passed by a meadow and I had this strong urge to go over there, run around and I even felt bad that we didn’t bring a kite. It must be amazing to play over there. But of course I didn’t because it was already in the afternoon and we may run out time since we had to be back at the house before nightfall and we haven’t even reached the town yet.

Anyway, we continued to walk. I was taking pictures of all the nice things in there. It was really wonderful. The view of the nice clear blue sky added to how beautiful everything was. There were no other people there besides us and I felt so free, it was refreshing. After 30 minutes though, we began to see a few people already, then houses, then stores. We were close to the town.

I already had an image of what the town would look like in my head. I was thinking it should be a small town, with small, simple houses and a few people. And maybe the form of transportation around town is a motorcycle ride.

Then I was wrong.

When we walked past all those little stores right after the meadows, the grasses along the long, rough path from the bridge, we were greeted by an archway, which looked really simple, with words of ‘Welcome to Madalag’. But past the archway is a totally different sight.

When I saw the town, I was filled with amazement. The town is so beautiful! Its green everywhere and it’s so huge! Gosh I was really amazed! The church is big and is built over a high cemented hill with numerous steps. And below the hill is a beautiful large, wide park, a Disney park if I may say because there’s a statue of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and other fictional characters. Gosh it’s such a treat for a child! The town hall was nicely built as well. Of course there’s the police station and other town facilities. And when you look up north or south or east  west, you’ll see silhouettes of mountains or just the over looming white clouds. And there are no tall buildings so the vast blue sky serves clearly as the dome for the town.

I felt like a character in the pixelated RPG games I was playing as a child (Pokemon, Aveyond, etc.), wherein the character traveled for a long time within a wild forest, battling wild pokemons or just enemies, only to land to an amazing and completely new town. I will treasure my first memory of Madalag. 

madalag part 1

Anyway, let’s continue with the rest of the article… )

4. The Motorcycle Rides

One of the minor and most convenient transportation means in our little town, and in other towns as well, is the motorcycle ride. S e r i o u s l y. I love the feel of the wind! And that tiny but tough grasp that you make upon the shoulders of the motorcycle rider so you can hold on tightly to your life is so thrilling. And the rough road… the rough road! It makes the riding experience really exciting.

5. The People

People in the province are very friendly, accommodating and are very fun to be with. Especially the children. The children are all very curious to a lot of things and I find it fun, entertaining, and sort of heartwarming to watch how they express their wonder, curiosity, as well as awe and amazement whenever they find out about new things.



6.  The Stories

Stories of aswangs, witches, ghosts, dwarves, and other Filipino supernatural creatures and phenomenon stir your interest? Our province has quite a few of such stories 😉

Luckily though, I myself still haven’t experience any of it. Having these kind of stories be told in the afternoon, or worse, before bedtime, will definitely make any night truly unforgettable.

7. The Beach

By ‘beach’, I’m talking about the one and only Boracay. And I could say nothing more.

Boracay is lovely during the day and exciting during the night. The place offers so much good things and I love it there very much. 🙂

Really, it’s just amazing, I want to go back there. I want it, badly.




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