Torreno-Hirano Wedding

Our Lady of Fatima Parish


And my friend Loraine just got married!!! 😀 And she was very beautiful, blooming, blushing and beaming with happiness. And just like how my friend Jasmin said, it was amazing na parang kahapon lang we were talking about prom dresses then ngayon wedding gowns na and entourage. Ryuji should take good care of her!!!

And again with the bonding moments with my high school friends, which by the way is a fun thing every time we do it. Time flies so fast and it’s so nice to know that although so many things have changed, there are certain things, particularly the most pleasant ones, that didn’t change at all. And I am very glad about it.

Congratulations and best wishes! With the seven years they already had together, this couple proved so well that what they have is true love. I’m happy for the two of them. I wish I’ll find mine someday (chos!)


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