Up the Parrot’s Beak: Pico de Loro Hike

For one more time, I made a dream into realization, and by that I meant climbing another mountain haha! That was indeed a priceless experience.

2012-11-10 15.30.21

It was Saturday morning when we departed from the city. I was with my colleagues and the Isang Lakbay Mountaineering group. We took two bus rides and a jeepney ride going to Ternate, Cavite.

Our destination: Pico de Loro

We started the trail from the base of the mountain at noon. It took us about thirty minutes to reach the first base camp. We had some food there after we settled down in the camp.


We set up the tent and arranged our stuff before we set off again to climb up towards the peak. It took us one hour and a half to reach the peak. We had one beginner climber with us so we were a bit slow going up. I myself is practically a beginner as well since this is only my second time hiking. It wasn’t that difficult but yes of course it was tiring. There are lots of rocks along the trail which made walking difficult for me. But it’s alright, it’s a mountain duh! Haha!


So anyway, when we finally reached the second base camp, which is very near the peak, it felt sooo goooood!!!! Haha, the view is of course, amazing, and the wind is strong enough to be soothing. It was cool and it felt so nice! But the fun has only started.

We had a rest there for a while. We took some pictures before we start our venture towards the peak. Going at the peak is somewhat difficult due to the strong winds. We had to climb that steep uphill trail from where the soil is dry and that makes it dangerously slippery. We had to clutch the grasses so tightly so we won’t fall down miserably. We did it successfully anyway 🙂


And then we went for the beak. The beak!!!

Here’s the beak:


That picture is taken from a higher point, just across. And oh my, huhu, going there made me feel scared!!! Seriously! But only for a while. Haha. Medyo malakas naman loob ko non eh. At hindi naman ako nalulula so it’s okay. Nonetheless, it’s scary for beginners. In just one wrong step, bye bye dear, lovely, treasured life. 🙂

By the way, you might be asking why it’s called a ‘beak’? The reason behind it is that tower-like formation that looks like a parrot’s beak.

We stayed there for a while, reveling the beauty of the earth. We had 360 degrees view at the top and it felt amazing. Ang cool talaga!!!! I am so proud of myself! I’m so proud of us!!! Grabe si Roxanne, yung isa kong kasama haha, tuloy tuloy lang siya eh! At super thanks talaga kay Sir Willy and Sir Mike for guiding us.

My goodness, sorry, ngayong sinusulat ko to, I still can’t get over!!! Imagine? Nakapunta ko dun ampotek! XD Taenaaaaaa, ang proud ko talaga HAHAHA. Pero ang hirap ah, lusot kung lusot, dapa kung dapa, gapang kung gapang!

We went down at 5pm and it’s starting to get dark as we make our way back to the first base camp.

Another memorable experience, we did the night trek super unprepared. We weren’t really planning for a night trek but the whole experience at the beak took so much of our time. We only had to use our cellphone lights as we go down, back to the first base camp. It was difficult since we cant see the trail clearly.

Our group was cut into two: I, together with Sir Willy and Roxanne were the first ones to go. We were faster so we went ahead to get help. The rest followed after us. The experience was nice, we had fun little chats as we go along the dark trail. And when we arrived at the Alibangbang Park where Roxanne says someone died before, I was kind of frightened. Damn, I think I walked too fast when we got there. Haha, nonsensical fear of nothing :S

Tapos sinalubong kami ng iba naming kasama sa camp for rescue. They went ahead na to fetch the others tapos nauna na rin kaming tatlo ni Roxanne and Sir Willy towards sa camp.

We arrived at the camp few minutes after 7 pm. I felt soo tired!!! My legs hurt a lot and damn, I was so hungry!!!! We ate first. After a few minutes, the rest of the group arrived na din.

And socials! Haha, we had alcohol and fun chats. Sir Echo and the other ILM members arrived at midnight and the chats went from fun to super fun. Haha, iba talaga kapag masaya ang kasama 🙂 Being a part of something has its wonderful perks.

Seriously, Having these memories is awesome.

Great experience + Great environment + Great company = Good life.


Climb at your own risk! 🙂


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