The Fresh Air of Belongingness

I just had this amazing moment when I felt so proud and so happy of being a part of something, of being with people, happy people. And seriously, it felt so nice. 🙂

That moment, I felt my heart fluttering with gladness. And I knew my eyes were sparkling with joy as my lips were broadly smiling with glee.

That midnight between the 10th and the 11th of November, I was having fun with my colleagues in our base camp in Pico de Loro. We had alcohol and we exchanged fun conversations with each other, about our trek, about reaching the peak, the beak, etc.

Then few minutes past midnight, they came. The other members of the mountaineering group came. And they are so loud and so happy. All the others greeted them with so much enthusiasm. They laughed together as they greeted one another, they kissed, they hugged each other as if they didn’t see each other for a long time, which is not really the truth. Seriously, the air of unique joy and happiness covered the whole base camp that moment back there. It was almost as if I was a spectator to something precious and amazing, only I wasn’t… because they all made me a part of it. They introduced me to new people and I exchanged joyful hi and hello as well to those whom I’ve met before.

It was, seriously, a moment of rapture. Their bonding is amazing and I am really glad that they let me in so kindly.


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