UST Lace Up Run

A sweaty day to start September 🙂

It was fun and exciting and tiring and uhm, healthy? XD Running and jogging has always been a fun activity for me and joining these kinds of events is something that I look forward to whenever I get the chance to do so. And of course it’s twice the fun when you get to do it with friends.

I enjoyed this day so much because of these things:

1. Running!

2. The singlet! It looks really nice 🙂

3. Going back to UST 🙂

However, there are also downsides of course 😦

1. Roroooooo!!!! You’re supposed to run with us :(( I miss my friend 😦

2. I’m running with kids (college students). And only a few non-students. I kinda felt old huhu 😦

At any rate, everything is more than fine. And I felt awesome and I really enjoyed the run 🙂

More to come in the future!!! 😀


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