Cannot Get Enough of Road Trips: Calatagan, Batangas

It was one of those out-of-the-blue super spontaneous trips I had together with my cousins. Just on the day before, Ate Ley invite me for a roadtrip. Less than 24 hours afterwards, I got my bag packed and then we head off South of Luzon for the trip. We had food-tripping during stop-overs, and by foodtrip I meant street food! Yay! We had green mangoes, isaw, barbeque, etc.

But of course we also had to eat real food so we stopped by a seafood restaurant. I forgot the name but in there, we ate in a kubo. Bamboo bridges connect all the other kubos and there were lots of plants and trees. That restaurant is a really good one and the food is good with reasonable prices.

We continued to drive away and finally, we arrived at a nice resort in Calatagan early night time. We stayed there for two nights and we enjoyed the beach and the pool during the day. We rode a boat towards farther parts of the sea, we did some fishing, we grilled bangus, we swam in the pool, we had our photos taken with all those starfishes and jellyfishes we saw, we had lunch on a balsa, we really had a great time of course. 🙂


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