She Touched My Heart and Took a Part: Sagada, Mountain Province


There are so many things I want to say about Sagada. Yet I only have one word.


I know. It’s too common for a description. But I mean every letter of it. It is a wonderful experience for me and so far, it is the best among all of the town trips I’ve ever had.

The beauty of the natural world is apparent in the place of Sagada, the fresh air, the view of the mountains, the road, the food, the adventures… everything. Whenever I remember all the times I spent there, there’s this aching feeling in my chest which I’m sure already holds a permanent mark in my heart. It will stay there forever and I don’t have regrets.

Nature always does this to me, pulling my heartstrings in a manner so inexplicable that you can’t help but just stay still, stay quiet and drink in her sublime perfection. And this is exactly what Sagada did to me. Words will never be enough. My experience here did not only touch my heart, but it tapped into my soul as well and rejuvenated both my mind and my body, making me livelier than ever before.

Where we went for food and adventure:

Dinner at Yoghurt House, snacks at Lemon Pie House, Side trips in a few shops and stores

Trekking to Bomod-Ok Falls, Sightseeing at Echo Valley and Hanging Coffins, Spelunking and caving at Sumaguing Cave

We also got to meet friends over there, a whole family in fact. And it was nice chatting with them and sharing stories of adventures with them. And our tour guide, Kuya Jeric, was really lovable and kind, for a moment I thought I fell in love with Kuya Jeric actually. 😀


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