Heart and Roots Clasped: Banga, Aklan

This trip to our province Aklan is one that I consider very dear to me. All the things I did there are amazing, every moment unforgettable, every walk I truly cherish. With every passing second of my stay there, I had fallen more and more in love with the place. There’s nothing really particularly awesome in there but the simplicity of life just consumed my soul and brought it peacefully into a sea of clouds where I felt my whole being bounced with joy and utter enjoyment. All because of life’s simplicity.

I enjoyed everything I did, the motorcycle rides, the walks on the beach, riding the boat, the swimming, the trekking… all priceless. And the places I went there, the hills, the river, the other side of the river, the parks… all sublime. The people I got to meet, my cousins, my aunts, old and new acquaintances… unforgettable.

All those left pleasant, fluffiness in my heart. I miss that time and I hope I could experience those beautiful adventures once again in the future.

I love Aklan 🙂


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