A Girl’s Treasure Land and Happy Place: Sampaguita Gardens

One of the loveliest trips I did in Aklan was this trip to the landmark of New Washington, the Sampaguita Gardens. The Sampaguita Gardens is an amusement park housing museums, fancy shops, cool kiddie rides (ferris wheel, the carousel, etc.), a resort, and even a school (was that a school?).

But seriously, I fell in love with the place. The moment I stepped inside that huge green Victorian style house (Jojo’s Christmas Cottage), where I found all those beautiful dolls and stuffed toys, I felt like I was heaven. The colors are so bright everywhere and the presence of those cute and beautiful dolls bring this flutter in my girly heart. Too bad I can’t have them all for myself.

Outside at the park, there are sculptures and monuments of Precious Moments characters. The whole place is actually owned by Mr. Sam Butcher, the creator of Precious Moments. One museum there, The Mansion, is an interesting house where the collection of Mr. Butcher is on display for the public.

I had a really fancy time touring around the place where everyday is Christmas. With every turn at every corner, you can hear Christmas music playing all over the place! I had a really great time and I will definitely go back here when I have the chance.


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