Roadtrip to the North! La Union, Vigan and Ilocos Sur

Tara, punta tayong Ilocos” One night, Kuya Rommel and Ate Ley, my cousin, asked me and my brother.

Tara! Kelan?” I replied.

Mamaya, paalis na tayo ng mga 1 am


And in a very few hours, poof, we’re on the car with smiles on our faces and a P100 in our pockets. We were off to North!!!

I was with my cousins and my brother Tikboy during this trip. And because everything is free and I got to enjoy so many things, see different places, and do fun activities, I, in a very rigidly simple sense, had a great great time.

We swam the beach of La Union, we ate the okoy and empanada of Vigan, we ate some cornics along the ride across Ilocos, we visited the Churches of Ilocos which by the way have amazing architecture, we walked the old street in Vigan, we rode the kalesa, visited the museums, bought souvenirs, and so many more. Like all the other trips I had, it’s so fun!

I thank God for all the blessings, which include financially successful cousins who can afford to treat us vacations ;D


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